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Lyciasalamandra luschani (Luschan’s Salamander, Lycia Salamander / Likya Semenderi, Luschan'nın Semenderi)
A politypic species ranges from Fethiye to Finike (Fethiye, Dodurga, Kaş & Finike) in south-west Anatolia, Turkey and adjacent Greek islands, Meyisti & Kekova islands. Apparently has a fragmented distribution. Its range is divided into three areas of distribution of species that in each one it is represented with different subspecies (L. luschani luschani, L. l. basoglui & L. l. finikensis). There are wide gaps between the three subspecies. The known sites are located at the altitudes between the sea level up to 840 m asl. It has similar biology, habitat, ecology and major threats like all other Turkish terrestrial tailed-amphibians