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Anthaxia fulgurans

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Anthaxia fulgurans

Anthaxia fulgurans (Family: Bubrestidae) from Erdemli, Mersin - 25.05.2009.

It is a small jewel beetle (4,5-7mm) of the large Tribe of Anthaxiini (400 species in the world).

The adults can be seen from April to August. Pronotum with two dark large spots. Sexual dimorphism: ♂ with green antennae, elythrae bluish green, ♀ with black antennae, pronotum bluish green, elythrae fire red with a green band in the middle, with gold on the edge.

Hostplants : Malus sp. Adults on flowers of Leucanthemum sp., Rosa sp., Crataegus sp., Anthemis sp., Sorbus sp., Castanea sp. and some Apiaceae,like here on Daucus carota.

Distribution: Europe to Turkey.

Reference: Hastir P. & Gaspar Ch. (2002). Les « richards » (Coleoptera – Buprestidae) de la faune de Belgique, Notes fauniques de Gembloux, n°47.

Notes prepared by Catherine DIJON.

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