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Mediodactylus heterocercum / Mardin Keleri / Anatolian Thin-toed Gecko

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Mediodactylus heterocercum / Mardin Keleri / Anatolian Thin-toed Gecko

Mediodactylus heterocercum / Mardin Keleri / Anatolian Thin-toed Gecko [Adult / Erişkin] from Mardin.

A medium-sized, relatively slender gecko with a total length up to 10-12 cm. Pupils vertical; 10-12 longitudinal rows of dorsal tubercles; slender toed. It has typically small and distinct-keeled scales under the tail. The dorsum is generally gray, with transverse dark stripes both on body and tail. However, It can change color in accordance with the illumination state of environment (as seen in specimen photographed here).The venter is light color. It is known from the Middle East, including SE Anatolia (Turkey), N. Syria, Iraq and Iran with a vertical distribution up to 1000 m or more. In SE Anatolia region, it is represented with a single subspecies, M. h. mardinensis. In Birecik (Sanliurfa) and Kilis we observed it on the calcareous(-whitish-) wadies and lava hills, respectively. It is found in rocky-stony areas with sparse vegetation and on buildings, stone walls, etc. Feeds on small-sized insects and spiders. Primarily nocturnal, in urban areas frequently seen in close proximity of street lights.


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