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Lepus europaeus (European Hare, Brown Hare / Yabani Tavşan)

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Lepus europaeus (European Hare, Brown Hare / Yabani Tavşan)

Lepus europaeus ssp. cyprius (European Hare, Brown Hare / Yabani Tavşan) [Juvenile / Yavru] from Gönyeli, Nicosia / Lefkoşe, TRN Cyprus / KKTC - 30.06.2010.

The general form and structure of the brown hare resembles that of the rabbit, but obvious differences include the hare's longer, larger body, much longer hind legs, and longer ears with black tips. Generally, brown hares are a brown-russet colour, with a white underside. The tail is black on the upper surface and white underneath. In contrast to rabbits, which have a brown iris, the brown hare has a golden iris and a black pupil.  It breeds on the ground rather than in a burrow and relies on speed to escape.  Itis a species of hare native to northern, central, and western Europe and western Asia.

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