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Capra aegagrus (Bezoar Ibex / Yabankeçisi)

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Capra aegagrus (Bezoar Ibex / Yabankeçisi)

Capra aegagrus (Bezoar Ibex / Yabankeçisi) from Sarıkaya, Finike, ANTALYA - 02.09.2010.

The Bezoar Ibex (Capra aegagrus ssp. aegagrus) is a vulnerable wild goat, native to Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey. It has been extirpated from Lebanon. It is found in the mountains of Anatolia and across the Middle East. It is also found on some Aegean Islands and in Crete where it is accepted that the goats constitute relict populations of very early domestic animals that were taken to the Mediterranean islands during the prehistoric period and now live as feral populations. The Bezoar goat, if not the sole progenitor of the modern domestic goat, was at least its main progenitor.

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Author Bayram GÖÇMEN
Created on Thursday 02 September 2010
Posted on Tuesday 01 February 2011
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