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Died Temple Juniper

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Died Temple Juniper

from Oluklu Plateau/Oluklu Yaylasi (Finike, Antalya)

“Dead or alive: still beautiful!”

i saw this is lonely dried juniper (may be Temple one) tree at the edge of Sarıkaya precipice while searching wild goats, near the Oluklu plateau (approx. 2000 m asl, Finike, Antalya) during our last excursion to the region. I think it died after being without water since it grown on an inappropriate place, between rocks and I suspect that it will fall over during our windy coming months. It can be thought that I used a polarize filter to create such bold blue sky -especially in WS- but I have to admit that I did not use. I captured these scenes at focal length of 50 mm of my telephoto lens. I am not a mortologist to talking about the death but scientifically the death is not the end, it's just a pit-stop at which you have to change your tires, add some more fuel or may-be completely change the chassis :) This scene reminds me so much of course! But dead or alive, it is still beautiful as a part of nature!

Author Bayram GÖÇMEN
Created on Thursday 02 September 2010
Posted on Thursday 20 January 2011
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