Gladiolus atroviolaceus

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Gladiolus atroviolaceus

Gladiolus atroviolaceus (Corn Flag / Kıraç Süseni, Tahıl Bayrağı) from Ceylanpınar, Şanlıurfa - 14.04.2011.

30 (50)cm, rare Gladiolus from E Turkey with deep violet flowers un upright stems.  It has distinctly violet flowers and not the usual pink-purple of the genus. These are marked with deep violet stripes on the lip around a paler throat. There are several flowers, laxly held on an upright stem that can be from as little as 20cm up to 50cm tall. Spread from Greece to Iran, including Israel.

Reference:1. TUBİVES.

Author Bayram GÖÇMEN
Created on Thursday 14 April 2011
Posted on Sunday 03 July 2011
Tags Şanlıurfa, TURKEY / TÜRKİYE
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