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Macroglossum stellarum (Hummingbird Hawkmoth / Atmaca Güvesi)

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Macroglossum stellarum (Hummingbird Hawkmoth / Atmaca Güvesi)

Macroglossum stellarum (Hummingbird Hawkmoth / Atmaca Güvesi) [Caterpillar/Tırtıl] on the hostplant, Galium verum (Lady's Bedstraw, Yellow Bedstraw/ Yoğurt Otu) from Spil Mt., Manisa - 09.07.2011.

It is a species of hawk moth with a long proboscis, and regularly hovers, making an audible humming noise. These two features make it look remarkably like a hummingbird when it feeds on flowers. It flies during the day, especially in bright sunshine, but also at dusk, dawn, and even in the rain, which is unusual for even diurnal hawkmoths. It is distributed throughout the northern Old World from Portugal to Japan, but is resident only in warmer climates (Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, North Africa, and points east), in two or more broods. Larva is green or brown and feeds on bedstraws. It is strongly migratory and can be found virtually anywhere in the hemisphere in the summer. However it rarely survives the winter in northern latitudes (e.g. north of the Alps in Europe, north of the Caucasus in Russia, etc.). Hibernates as an adult, but rarely survives the winter north of the Alps.

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