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Iurus kraepelini (Kraepelin’s Scorpionn / Krepelin Akrebi)

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Iurus kraepelini (Kraepelin’s Scorpionn / Krepelin Akrebi)

Iurus kraepelini (Kraepelin’s Scorpionn / Krepelin Akrebi) from Çığlıkara, Elmalı, Antalya - 31.08.2010.

In the night time while I was searching vipers in Cığlıkara, I encountered with this mother scorpion while carrying her Childs on its dorsum. For focusing I used my lead head lamp and also I used my macro ring-flash (Sigma EM-140 DG).

This scorpion is one of the largest (up to 100 mm) scorpion in Europe and Turkey belongs to the family Iuridae. It is almost endemic to Turkey (Southern Anatolia) however it is also found in an adjacent island of Greece, Megisti (Kastelorizo). Basic color of carapace, mesosoma, metasoma, telson, and legs dark blackish, except for tarsus which is orange; carinae of metasoma and pedipalp black, barely distinguishable from background color. Sternites light brown; genital operculum, pectines, basal piece yellow. Essentially void of patterns. Typically pectinal tooth counts largest in genus.

Males reach adulthood after the fourth (age of 637 days) or fifth (age of 605–785 days) ecdysis, whereas females reach adult-hood always after the fifth ecdysis (age of 402–800 days). A female give birth approx. 8-10 Childs in each summer period and carry its Childs on its dorsum until the molting process.

You can find more detailed info on the species from the following more detailed reference: Kovarik, F., Fet, V., Soleglad, M. E. & Yağmur, E. A. (2010). Etudes on iurids, III. Revision of the genus Iurus Thorell, 1876 (Scorpiones: Iuridae), with a description of two new species from Turkey. Euscorpius — Occasional Publications in Scorpiology, No. 95, 1-212 pp.

Author Bayram GÖÇMEN
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Posted on Wednesday 13 July 2011
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