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Prof. Dr. Bayram GÖÇMEN

Zoologist, Herpetologist, Protozoologist/Parasitologist, Nature Photographer

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(Sauria: Eublepharidae) of the WORLD

Eublepharis hardwickii Gray, Zool. Journ. iii. p.223


(Indian Leopard Gecko, Indian Fat-Tailed Gecko)


Bufo viridis specimen from Kilis (Turkey)

A female Green toad, Bufo viridis specimen from Kilis (Turkey), photo by B. Göçmen.

Eublepharis hardwickii (after Günther, A., 1874: The Reptiles of British India, Ray Soc. London.Eublepharis hardwickii

Figs. Eublepharis hardwickii (in left : after Günther, A., 1874: The Reptiles of British India, Ray Soc. London &  in right: after M. Knoethig, courtesy by Dr. Yuri Kaverkin, Moscow)


Description & Diagnosis: Pale reddish white the upper part of the head from the nose to the nape, two very broad bands accross the trunk, and three or four rings round the tail deep brown or black, and broader than the ground-color. Limbs reddish olive, with black dots on the elbows and knees. There are ten upper and lower labials: two chin-shields larger than the first lower labial. The scales of the middle of the belly from thirty longitudinal series; seventeen pores in an angular series in the preanal region.

Size: This species attains to a length of from 8 to 9 inches (approx. 20-23 cm).

Distribution: An endemic species of India. It has been known from Chittagong, Russelconda, Madras Presidency and Annamallay Mountains, has also been found in the public bath at Waltair, a suburb of Vizagapatam.

PS. These information are based on the paper given by Judy JOHNS (1992) [A peek into the past. Dactylus, 1 (2): 3-4.].

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White-striped skink,  Eumeces pavimentatus

A female White-striped skink,  Eumeces pavimentatus specimen from Adana (Turkey), photo by B. Göçmen.


female Desert cobra  Walterinnesia aegyptia specimen from Kilis

A female Desert cobra,  Walterinnesia aegyptia specimen from Kilis (Turkey), photo by B. Göçmen.


Macrovipera lebetina lebetina from Cyprus

Blunt-nosed viper,  Macrovipera lebetina lebetina from Dikmen, N. Cyprus, photo by B. Göçmen.

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